Coffee Export Statistics - Where's Your Coffee From?

Where does the coffee used for your favorite latte come from? Which country grows and produces the most amount of coffee beans in the world? Who are the largest importers in the industry? On this very page we’re going to give answers to these and other coffee import/export-related questions that may come to your mind.

Green Coffee

Brazil remains the world’s leader in green coffee export. Moreover, its share in the world’s green coffee export has increased by 38.4% fallen to the same period of the previous year. Overall, its share is about 31.9%. Brazil is closely followed by Viet Nam with 22% (22 million bags). Other exporters include Honduras and Ugandacompared, in 2020, the both countries’ export percentage has fallen by 2.3% and 3.1% respectively.

Roasted coffee

As for roasted coffee, Mexico’s taking the first spot. The amount of exported product in 2018/19 was 183,832 bags, which makes around 37% of the market. It’s closely followed by Colombia with its 124,560 bags. Viet Nam’s numbers have decreased by 1.1%, to 15,874 roasted coffee bags. Among other major exporters are Brazil and the Dominican Republic.

Soluble coffee

When it comes to soluble coffee, Brazil is taking the lead again. In 2018/19 it exported over 3.29M of bags, which is 10.7% more than the previous year. Interestingly, India’s percentage declined by practically the same amount, 10.3%. Viet Nam is, on the contrary, increasing its share. In 2018/19 it exported 1.06 million bags more, which is a 48-percent rise. Other exporters in this category include Indonesia and Mexico.

Share of exports
by destination

As for the importers, the leaders are represented in the figure above. The most soluble coffee lovers are the United States, Russia, and the Philippines. The US are also leading when it comes to roasted and green coffee export destinations. Among other remarkable green coffee export destinations are Japan, Italy, Belgium, and Germany.